Hi, my name is Johann Schröder aka Vana*. I'm a purpose–driven graphic designer from Hannover, Germany. I love working on meaningful projects for sustainable companies and organizations to make our planet healthier and people happier.
*Vana (वन) is sanskrit meaning forest — I received the name on my travels through India and Nepal. I use it ever since because it helps me to let go and grow personally into a new version of myself.
Since I love working with people I got to know beforehand, I want to introduce myself to you in a very personal way. I'm born in Siberia, Russia. I grew up in Germany and finally made my way to be graphic designer. After working in a regular 9to5 office job at an advertising agency I questioned life and started looking for purpose and meaning. So I started to travel for three years through Europe, America, and Asia. I worked as a nomadic graphic designer from basically everywhere. I worked in the Amazon rainforest in Peru and Brazil, in the urban jungles of major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Bogotá, São Paulo and many more. 

After visiting over 40 countries (see here) and seeing many beautiful but also devastated places I wanted to take responsibility and be the change, like Ghandi once said. So I decided to take responsibility to work for meaningful projects of positive impact companies and organizations. And here am I with gratitude graphics, a purpose–driven design studio for a healthier planet and happier people.

Let's work together on something good! No matter if you're a restaurant, a IT startup, or a non-profit organization. Just contact me.

Johann Schröder aka Vana
Graphic Designer

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